Dr Oz Green Coffee Bean Extract

Likely many first heard about green coffee from one of the most recognized health personalities on TV, Doctor Mehmet Oz. Dr Oz’s Green Coffee Bean Extract episode was what triggered an onslaught of green coffee bean and green coffee extract media attention at a blazing pace.

The speed, exposure, and recognition in which green coffee extract received was nothing short of incredible and now the dust has settled, it is time to review and evaluate exactly what happened.

Dr OZ & Green Coffee Extract

Now, before we go down the path of what exactly Doctor Oz did for the exposure of recent green coffee clinical study findings, let’s discuss the summation of numerous accumulated medical cases evident in supporting green coffee’s inherent health benefits.

green coffee bean extract on tvWhile green coffee is nothing new, the science and understanding of the raw coffee cherry-berry fruit is still in its infancy and beginning. The most significant and revealing study lasted for 22 weeks as 16 overweight, borderline obese individuals took a pure extract of green coffee beans. On average, the study concluded a loss of nearly 17 pounds per person with a staggering 10.5% decrease in body weight and 16% drop in body fat.

The depiction created of the isolated variable being studied, green coffee bean extract, and was clearly indicative of its ability to act as a weight loss booster. The leading researcher in the world according to many internet sources is Dr Joe Vinson out of the University of Scranton Pennsylvania, and mentioned at the annual American Chemical Society gathering that “Based on our results, taking multiple green coffee extract capsules per day — while maintaining a low-fat, healthy diet with plenty of regular exercise — appears to be an effective, inexpensive, safe way to lose weight.”

This took place roughly 2-3 months before Dr Oz and his TV crew and research team caught wind of the telling results. And on April 26, 2012, green coffee bean extract and weight loss have never been the same.

Green Coffee Bean Extract Dose

Dr Oz, again the most decorated and astute TV Doctor of all time, thought enough of weight loss evaluation and recommended a low dosage of 500-700mg – all the way up to a high dosage of 1,000-1,050mg – also mentioning to make sure you find a pure green coffee bean extract for the best results.

doctor oz reveals green coffee extractThe participants in the study took anywhere from 700mg-1,050mg per day for their green coffee bean extract dosage for 6 weeks, along with a placebo to allow each individual the best chance of accurate results. What is also worth mentioning is that the members who took part in the study were asked not to change any exercise or dietary habits out of their typical eating and lifestyle regime.

Doctor Oz then had fellow green coffee bean advocate Dr Lindsey Duncan on the show to give the TV crowd and viewing audience the breakdown of how green coffee bean extract worked and what the main beneficial compound could be. Because this was not the first study indicting green coffee extract can help lose weight, Dr Duncan was led to believe that chlorogenic acid could be the natural compound responsible for so many alleged health benefits from unroasted coffee arabica beans.

The reason Dr Lindsey and Dr Oz emphasized pure green coffee bean extract is due to the fact that roasting or brewing minimizes the chlorogenic acid benefits and content which is primarily responsible for coffee’s rich aroma, color, and flavor – this why the green beans at the center of coffee cherry fruit is bitter.

Due to the raw, pure extract of chlorogenic acid found in the green coffee beans showing the ability to improve the body’s ability to inhibit glucose absorption, aid in fat-metabolism, and boost weight loss reduction mechanisms, green coffee bean extract for weight loss seems to clearly support Dr Oz’s claims.

green coffee bean extract dosageNow before everyone jumps on the pure green coffee bean Dr Oz bandwagon, and while the research is intriguing and interesting, more clearly needs to be reviewed and evaluated before claiming it as a miracle weight loss aid. The long term side effects of green coffee bean extract are still unknown (if any at all, hypothetically speaking). But that also makes for a good point to make in that no green coffee bean supplement or any nutritional health supplement for that matter should ever be used for extended periods of time without getting analysis and blood work done.

Most supplements are meant to act as a booster or supporter from your foods and fitness. Just as Dr Oz said about green coffee bean extract, the best results for weight loss will come when used with a productive and healthy diet plan.

Green Coffee Bean Extract Diet & Weight Loss Conclusion

What do we think about all the publicity green coffee has been getting? Well we think it is fantastic first and foremost, but know that science and technology still have a ways to go before getting any concrete data on both the benefits and side effects of green coffee extracts.

dr oz green coffee bean extract for weight lossBut we think in order to get the body you want like the female lady to the right, following Dr Oz’s green coffee bean extract dosage recommendation should be used with a wholefood diet plenty of leafy green vegetables and whole fruit.

The green coffee extract dose and safety questions are still a little grey in the responses given which in our best advice, would say to use green coffee extract for weight loss only if you are looking to get over the hump and need that extra boost.

You can also see that the green coffee extract in Starbucks Refreshers is also catching on for not only weight loss, but as a natural energy source.

While the short and relatively small human pilot studies on green coffee bean extract do seem to show some sort of weight loss and biological effect, nothing should be looked at in isolation as a cure all to lose weight faster than normal dietary changes and lifestyle choices.

If the message between Starbucks, Dr Oz, or your own due diligence and research about green coffee and weight loss resonates within you, we do recommend Green Coffee Pure supplement.

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