Green Coffee 90 Day Weight Loss Health Challenge

green coffee health challenge

Coming soon is the Green Coffee 90 Day Health Challenge to help you lose weight now and enjoy more energy.

The Green Coffee Health Challenge will last for 90 days and help individuals get on a program and system that allows them to lose 10-20 pounds or more in 3 months time.

This Green Coffee Challenge will be focused entirely on improving you and your health 1 day at a time.

By following the Green Coffee Diet Program you will learn a new, exciting, and results-oriented Health-Enhancing Weight Loss System.

In the next few weeks we will be rolling out this idea and program to help you get back on track along with the Health Benefits of Green Coffee Bean Extracts and Raw Coffee Berry Fruit.

Green Coffee Diet Program Focuses on
Inflammation, Stress, Acidity and Dehydration

green coffee weight loss challenge
These 4 key elements and anti-aging factors are some of the biggest per-cursors to accelerating the often dreaded aging effect. We need to be going in the other direction, helping alleviate common ailments, sicknesses, and conditions by providing a Free and Results-Oriented Diet & Weight Loss Health Program to follow.

All of you weight loss health enthusiasts can expect to be challenged, pushed, and motivated as there are 4 disctinct and fundamental principles it will address.

Green Coffee Challenge Overview:

  • Inflammation – Nearly is the underlying root cause of every health condition and ailment.
  • Stress – Alongside inflammation, stress hormone levels are so high and need to be relaxed for faster results.
  • Acidity – The diet and foods we consume play a large part in determining whether or not our blood is alkaline(optimal) or acidic(disease-provoking).
  • Dehydration – Not enough pure, alkalizing fluids and waters from fruits and vegetables or drinking enough hydrating water

Coupled with inflammation, stress, and acidity, dehydration completes the wheelhouse for 4 of the top anti-aging factors known to man today.

It is a known and understood fact that excess body fat and weight causes and triggers a higher possibility of being prone to dis-ease and bodily-illnesses.

This Green Coffee 90 Day Health Challenge will come with a detailed action plan alongside a Pure Green Coffee Bean Supplement and Diet Program.


This Weight Loss Challenge will be one of the most straight forward guides that you have ever read. I am a very “step-by-step”, action oriented person, so my program will not give you the history of humans and weight gain, but it will give you the EXACT directions and instructions to take you from where you are to where you want to be.

This program and challenge is not filled with filler content WHATSOEVER. If you are looking for a 100 page guide with general information just to make you feel that you have purchased something that is worth more value because it is longer, then read no further and get your money back.

The Green Coffee Diet Program is comprised of 3 sections, a FAQ section that will answer the questions that are NECESSARY for your success with Green Coffee, a 30 Day Meal Guide and a Tips and Tricks section in which I share information like how to eat fast food at times and still take the weight off and how to stop taking Green Coffee Extracts and Supplements all while keeping the results.