Green Coffee Bean Weight Tracker Project

Without question, pure green coffee bean extract has been one of the most relevant and talked about topics of any kind in the year of 2012.

Due to its proposed ability to help accelerate and boost weight loss efforts, along with acting as a natural energy source, green coffee bean extract weight loss supplements are without a doubt, the number one most looked to product for getting and maintaining results.

green coffee weight loss tracker projectIn light of all of the chlorogenic acid extract studies being released and publicized in major media outlets, even such green coffee bean extract projects are being created such as the Green Coffee Bean Weight Tracker.

The project is designed to track your weight loss using a natural green coffee bean supplement so evaluate your process and see if how effective it is working for you.

Keeping track of your commitment to stay on the green coffee supplements, along with keeping an active and up to date food journal allows you to reflect on your journey and everyday decisions, thoughts, and actions towards living a healthier lifestyle.

The green coffee bean project is setup to ask you a variety of questions catered towards helping you center your attention and focus around your weight loss journey using green coffee bean extract.

Starting off with simple questions like “did you take your green coffee bean extract supplement today” and providing your current weight to track your path towards becoming healthy, leaner, and full of more vitality and life force.

Keep a Food Journal or log will help you understand your food intake and what can be replaced with healthier, more active lifestyle choices towards changing your dietary habits, which internally creates an environment full of more energy and feeling.

The truth about “green coffee” is the fact that they are not so green, yet come from whole red coffee cherry berry fruit or unroasted seeds (beans). The coffee beans, which are at the center of the red coffee berries, are green in color and can be cleaned, roasted, dried, brewed, and ground to produce what most people typically refer to as coffee.

Not much attention was given to the green coffee bean seeds prior to a study being released from the Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity Journal back in January 2012 – which is what essentially set the internet and major media outlets on fire about exposing the results and findings of this highly successful human pilot study.

The chlorogenic acid from green coffee beans were the primary compound found to provide the most beneficial aspects and factors. The initial study entailed 16 adult individuals who consistently supplemented with a green coffee extract dosage of around 700-1050 milligrams for 12 weeks. The facts and numbers coming out of the study after the duration of twelve weeks were profound, considering the naturalness of green coffee bean extract, as all participants started with a BMI (body mass index) of over 25% and lost an average of 18 pounds – with 10% overall body weight reduced and 4.4% overall body fat gone.

With the spreading popularity of green coffee extracts, popular medical units produced a project under the expertise and guidance of Dr. Caroline Apovian and Kristin Kirkpatrick, a registered dietician – of over 100 people to re-study and re-evaluate the progress.

These 100 individuals were all women, aging from roughly 35 to 49 years old and had high BMIs of 25-45 range. As a side note, none of these women were pregnant or breastfeeding, and had no prior major health related problems like diabetes, stroke, or heart attack.

The group of 100 females were split up to receive a pure green coffee bean extract of a placebo, and took 400mg 3x per day – all 30 minutes before each food setting. All were advised not to make any severe or dramatic changes to standard dietary habits or exercise routines, allowing for green coffee bean extract to become a more clear and concise variable in this study.

After nearly 2 weeks of use, on average, two pounds were lost. While the numbers are not staggering or eye-opening, it did prove to provide value towards boosting metabolic activity towards burning excess body weight and fat quicker than the placebo-controlled group.

Stay tuned as we continue to bring you revelant and current updates on the Green Coffee Bean Extract Weight Tracker and Project.

In the meantime, check out our preferred green coffee pure supplement today.

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