Green Coffee Extract Energy

The year of 2012 has been the year of GREEN COFFEE EXTRACT. Most of you have likely heard more about green coffee in the past 6 months than you have the past 6 years or longer of your life. So what caused the sudden explosion of energy and attention to be put on untreated, raw, pure green coffee beans?

Likely you have heard of green coffee beans, extracts, and benefits through one of two avenues: Starbucks Refreshers Beverages or Dr OZ TV show.

Together, these two titans of their own respective industries have managed to put a serious amount of energy and media into green coffee bean extract.

Between Starbucks Refreshers and Doctor Oz, green coffee extract is now linked to and associated with several profound and debatable health facts such as; acting as a natural and superior source of free-radical fighting antioxidants to boost energy levels, speed up fat-burning mechanisms for quicker weight loss, all while inhibiting glucose intake to regulate and modulate blood-sugar levels.

green coffee bean for energyAs far as traditional brewed and roasted coffee goes, green coffee seems to imply it has unnoticed health benefits that we should stop ignoring and start studying. And that is just what happened, as new green coffee bean extract studies emerged from several decorated and prestigious Medical establishments around the world.

Aside from Starbucks and Dr Oz, arguably the main culprit as to why green coffee extract for energy, weight loss, and blood-sugar balancing came to be was because of these noteworthy findings found in human pilot studies and laboratories.

It is important for people to understand 2 distinct things about whole coffee cherry fruit and it’s storied-history. You can learn about the history of green coffee bean extract and how it came to be over it’s detailed life span. The coffee plant/bush/tree is the second highest traded commodity in the world for a reason, as it’s uses, benefits, and versatility are nearly second to none.

Green Coffee Energy Legitimate?

In light of all the recent findings and scientific literature on raw green coffee seeds at the center of red coffee berry fruit, most are still questioning the legitimacy as to whether or not it works. Still wanting to decipher the difference between the marketing ploys and tactics versus the real results and health effects that could be achieved utilizing the strengths of pure green coffee beans.

green coffee extract antioxidants

For starters, one should attempt to have a quick glance at all of the green coffee studies which strongly support its relative health advantage and value.

While this graph can be interpreted in multiple ways, it is indicative of just how valuable raw coffee berry superfruit can be. Packed with antioxidants and health-enhancing compounds, poly-phenols, and nutrients, many coffee enthusiasts are excited to see all of the alleged coffee health benefits come of age.

As for Dr Oz’s “green coffee bean extract for weight loss” and Starbucks Coffee Company’s “green coffee extract for natural energy boost” media campaigns, one can not help but take notice as coffee seems to hold a highly valued and intriguingly insightful look at just how healthy it can be if consumed in its raw, unadulterated form.

After all coffee cherry berries are a fruit, and we all know the variety of useful and helpful benefits of consuming enough fruit everyday can give you. Much like past successes in health and nutritional supplement realms like the acai berry, african mango extract, and raspberry ketone, green coffee extract seems to hold some real merit and truth about it’s beneficial healing properties.

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