Healthy Practical Green Coffee Diet Tips

Our main and primary reason for putting so much time, effort, and dedication into is to empower you to change your life by changing your health. It starts with adding healthier decisions to start replacing ones that often lead to inflammation, discomfort, and disappointment.

This is meant to act as a practical guide to anyone looking to lose weight the right way, whether you choose a green coffee extract supplement or just want healthier diet habits to adapt. The way to start losing weight faster is by following rational and easy to follow tips that can help aid in faster elimination of excess body fat and weight.

Burning calories is hard work. It takes a 30-minute workout to burn just 200 calories, and just three gulps of frappucino to put those 200 calories back in you. But there’s good news! Cutting calories can be just as easy as saying “hold the mayo”. From replacing snacks with fruit to skipping the whipped cream on your latte, the calories that you’ll be cutting will quickly add up to a noticeable amount of weight loss. Below are some ways that you can reduce your caloric intake for every meal!

Ways to Reduce Calories at Breakfast

1) Discard the egg yolks from your eggs before you cook them.
2) For pancake and waffle toppings, skip the butter and use 100% natural maple syrup.
3) Skip the cereal and have 1 cup of diced strawberries and blueberries with vanilla yogurt.
4) Rather than grabbing a pop tart, eat a slice of whole grain toast with your favorite all-natural jam (not jelly!)
5) If you’re craving carbs, split a bagel with someone.
6) Drink freshly made orange juice rather than store-bought orange juice.
7) Rather than a latte, order a single espresso or two cups of black coffee.
8) Skip the whipped cream on your hot beverages.
9) Use a mug for eating granola cereal to prevent overeating. Just one cup of granola contains a lot of fiber that expands in your stomach to make you feel full.
10) Trade your beef and pork in for some lean turkey.

Ways to Reduce Calories at Lunch

11) Rather than mayonnaise, go for the mustard. You’ll cut 80 calories per tablespoon.
12) Don’t drown your salad in dressing. Use it sparingly.
13) Have a salad with fresh greens and herbs with strawberries, granny smith apples, cranberries, and walnuts drizzled with raspberry vinaigrette dressing.
14) Pass up on salad toppings like croutons, cheese, and bacon.
15) Rather than pouring salad dressing from a regular bottle, use ten pumps of a salad dressing spray.
16) Rather than using salad dressing, spice up your salad with a dry spice mix.
17) Use a whole grain pita to make a sandwich instead of bread.
18) Eat turkey burgers instead of beer burgers.
19) Go bunless on burgers, hot dogs, and brats.
20) Drink unsweetened ice tea rather than sweetened iced tea.

Ways to Reduce Calories at Dinner

21) Try substituting nonfat plain Greek yogurt for sour cream on baked potatoes.
22) Rather than oil, use low sodium chicken broth or plain water to sauté meat and vegetables.
23) Don’t add butter to macaroni and cheese.
24) Replace oil or butter in baked goods with unsweetened applesauce.
25) For lower calorie meatballs, go half-and-half by mixing turkey and ground beef together.
26) When making packaged meals that call for oil or butter, use a broth instead.
27) Drink water instead of soda.
28) Fill up on foods that contain fiber to help you feel full and satisfied after a meal.
29) Avoid fried breaded foods. Flour and bread crumbs absorb more cooking oil and add more calories to your meal.
30) Eat whole grain pasta instead of pasta made from white flour.

Now that you know a few ways that you can cut calories and lose weight, you may want to know a secret way that you can lose weight faster. There’s a all-natural extract called green coffee bean extract that has done extremely well for many people. It was even featured on the Dr. Oz television show. The extract is made from unroasted green coffee beans to get the highest content of chlorogenic acid. This acid actually prevents the body from using the liver’s supply of glucose as energy so that it has to use its stored fat to produce glucose for the body. This process pretty much melts off the fat without having to do any intense workouts or serious diet changes, although cutting back on sugar intake is advised for results that will blow your mind.

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