Starbucks Refreshers with Green Coffee Extract

Starbucks Refreshers Review

As the world continues to develop a sense of appreciation for the versatile red coffee berry fruit, green coffee beans and seeds are starting to get their fair share of limelight.

The Starbucks Coffee Company has been one of the biggest coffee suppliers and outlets the world has ever witness over the past 20-30 years. As a pioneer and innovator in the coffee industry, Starbucks has continued the same trending by now releasing new drink beverages called Refreshers which contain a high-quality green coffee extract for natural energy and health effects.

green coffee extract energy benefitsStarbucks Refreshers made a big splash into the Green Coffee world as they are the premier retailer and roaster of specialized coffees around the world. Starbucks has been adamant about their commitment to excellence when it comes to producing and offering the best coffee products available. And now, as the science of green coffee continues to evolve and adapt, true hidden powers of the raw coffee berry fruit are being discovered are a quicker pace.

The green coffee extract found in Starbucks Refreshers drink is the key and vital addition to their beverages which allows for more of a natural energy boosting effect inside of relying so heavily on caffeine.

Look at what one of Starbucks top representatives had to say about their new Green Coffee Extract Starbuck Refreshers.

“Innovation is at the core of everything we do,” said Cliff Burrows, president, Starbucks Americas, in a statement Monday. “As the coffee category continues to evolve, our customers expect more and we are committed to bringing uniquely relevant products to market.”

With the new green coffee extract ingredient added to their Starbucks Refreshers Beverages, it is estimated to take a huge step towards capturing the nearly $8 Billion dollar energy drink industry. The extract from raw, untreated green coffee seeds (which come from red coffee fruit berries) contains a special ingredient known as chlorogenic acid. Chlorogenic Acid is the studied and examined green coffee bean extract that is featured in all of the new Refreshers Juices.

The goal with green coffee extract ingredients added to the drinks is to provide natural energy boost into a juice without the excess caffeine content. The Starbucks Refreshers caffeine content is negligible compared to most standard coffee beverages. Starbucks is calling the addition of green coffee extracts to their natural Refreshers a breakthrough in coffee.

what is starbucks refreshers green coffee extractBy adding pure green coffee extract to their Starbucks Refreshers, you naturally reduce the amount of caffeine and now get your energy from unroasted green coffee beans.

Speaking of caffeine levels, how much does Starbucks Refreshers have? The caffeine content is a moderate 60-85 mg per 24 fluid ounces which allows the more-natural energy from green coffee extracts to recharge and re-energize you throughout the day. Aside from the publicized energy-enhancing capabilities of green coffee extract, there is also a weight loss connection.

We would love to hear your thoughts and feedback if you have tried Green Coffee Extract beverages from Starbucks. The Refreshers from Starbucks made their debate globally in July 2012. We have a feeling this is just the beginning of the uses and benefits of green coffee beans and green coffee extracts.

Let’s continue to expand, share, and spread the wonderful word about Green Coffee and its vital health importance and uses. Thanks for reading our Starbucks Refreshers Review, we appreciate any response and encourage you to interact with our green coffee community.

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