SVETOL Green Coffee Antioxidants (GCA)

What is SVETOL Green Coffee Antioxidant (GCA)?

Most by now may have over heard or saw all of the lime light media attention being shown regarding green coffee bean extract, but however are unfamiliar with SVETOL or Green Coffee Antioxidant (GCA).

Let’s take a trip down tutorial lane to get a better understanding of what SVETOL green coffee bean extract is and what green coffee antioxidants are all about.

Coffee is the world’s favorite beverage, and its market performance carries enough clout to make or break the economies of entire countries.

Recently, coffee’s value has further climbed with a new discovery; green coffee bean extract. It promises to help with weight loss and offers a number of direct and indirect health benefits.

The Benefits of Svetol Green Coffee Extract Antioxidants

green coffee beans antioxidantsDr. Joe Vinson, a researcher from the University of Scranton, discovered in January 2012 green coffee extract to be loaded with natural anti-oxidants, which help the body fight stress in addition to having weight loss properties.

For further results a group of over 100 woman where instructed to take 400mg of green coffee Svetol, 3 times a day before each meal and showed amazing weight loss results when compared to the placebo group. These women were not pregnant nor had any health problems or diabetes during the study.

According to recent studies in humans, where a group of 100 participants divided into 2 groups revealed the group who took Svetol to show significant weight loss results compared to the placebo.

Coffee lovers value the rich, full-bodied taste and aroma of roasted coffee beans. However, what they do not realize is that roasting the beans at high temperatures changes the molecular structure of the beneficial substances in the coffee bean.

Dr. Vinson and other researchers have found that while the green coffee seed found at the center of the coffee berry fruit is of no use or value to traditional farmers and producers, this is where the potent chlorogenic acid is found.

Chlorogenic acid is a powerful mix of natural anti-oxidants and is the center of much of the current research on coffee extracts. What farmers used to discard and throw away may be of even greater value in the marketplace.

Green Coffee GCA Antioxidant properties

In additional to the weight loss benefits of green coffee extract, the substance is also known as GCA, is a powerful antioxidant which helps protect the body from free radicals which is the main reason for early aging.

The antioxidant properties of Pure Green Coffee Extract GCA has been shown to regenerate and repair the skin at the cellular level.

Since raw green coffee beans have a bitter flavor the best way to implement them into a diet is by choosing the right green coffee supplement.

Most experts recommend using a green coffee extract Svetol on the label, to make sure it is pure raw green coffee. It is best to have a supplement clean of additives and fillers to get the best weight loss results.

This Svetol green coffee bean extract has displayed incredible fat burning properties, prompting some scientists to describe it as some sort of miracle weight loss substance. In double-blind tests, researchers subjected one group of test subjects to mild doses of the extract and the other group to a higher dosage and a test group was given a placebo.

green coffee antioxidant gcaAll groups were instructed not to change their activities and diets. Results of these tests conclusively demonstrated how test subjects administered with the green coffee extract positively lost weight when compared to people who were not given the extract. The amount of weight loss also directly corresponded to the amount of extract taken by the subjects.

But even more significant are the positive health implications of green coffee extract. In 2005 a study conducted by Japanese researchers demonstrated how the extract from unroasted coffee beans helped lower blood pressure in humans. Earlier studies also showed that Chlorogenic acid, the substance found in abundance in green coffee beans directly caused a decrease in cholesterol levels and helped increase glucose tolerance in rats.

Chlorogenic acid may also help improve blood circulation which results in higher energy levels. The health benefits promised by green coffee extract Svetol represent an exciting new direction in the field of medical and scientific research. This research is still in the initial stages; much testing has yet to be done and FDA approval must be granted to any claims of health benefits.

Green coffee Extract Svetol has proven to be an effective natural solution to losing weight and repair the body internally with GCA antioxidant properties.

The following SVETOL and GCA are registered trademarks of their respective operations and companies. This green coffee post is strictly for informative and educational purposes only, and are not intended to portray or bash any brand, company, or product.

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